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Cley Spy!

Top 10 – Some of my most popular images from the last year.

3/10 – UK, England, Norfolk, North Norfolk, Cley-next-the-Sea, Cley Windmill.

Closer to home this time… I camped nearby, but I still had to get out of “bed” at 3:30am to be here in time for pre-sunrise.
Cley Windmill silhouetted against the red sky of dawn made it all worthwhile.
However, this set of images, taken just after the sun rose, have been more popular, used on guidebook covers and calendars.

Top Tip: If the weather forecast looks promising, I’ve never regretted getting up at “stupid o’clock” for those pre-sunrise shots!

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  1. Sartenada May 12, 2020

    Is this windmill in England?

    • alancopson May 12, 2020 — Post author

      Yes, it’s on the North Norfolk coast in East Anglia, England.

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