I am a travel photographer with 25 years’ experience of circling the globe in pursuit of the perfect image.

While I have loved photography since being allowed to use my father’s Pentax ME Super on childhood holidays, it was while InterRailing Europe in my late teens that inspired me to follow a career in travel photography.

Having initially worked as a picture researcher at a number of London picture libraries, I went freelance in 1995. My first commission was from a tour operator to photograph Bruges in Belgium.

Since then, I have worked for a wide range of clients, as well as shooting personal work around the world in almost 50 countries.

And where’s my favourite location?

My answer changes almost every time I’m asked, though I always love shooting cities, London and New York being the ultimate examples.  The ever-changing skylines means there’s always something new to see and the landscape of the city is fantastic to shoot in the right light.

LATEST NEWS: I am now professionally qualified to shoot stills and video with a drone, so now I have another chance to get the perfect angle!

My work has been published in many places, but even in this digital age, I still get a buzz from seeing my work on a book or magazine cover. These are some of my cover images from Lonely Planet and Rough Guides.