Seaside Sentinel II

I’m asking for suggestions as to how to caption this! Last one of the set of three from Dovercourt Beach in Essex, shot with a […]


Seaside Shelter

This beach shelter brings back memories of childhood summer holidays, sheltering from the worst effects of the fresh air! This classic is on the promenade […]


Seaside Sentinel I

Another lighthouse for the collection, this one at Dovercourt, Essex probably the smallest I’ve shot. It is one of a pair that, when visually aligned […]


Summer afternoon windmill

Thaxted Windmill, Essex, England. No apologies for another shot of Thaxted Mill! Lots of time spent trying for the best combination of light glinting on […]


Blue and Green

Thaxted Windmill, Essex, England. I love the simplicity of this angle… Stripe of green… Stripe of blue… Windmill! Alan Copson ©