I Love New York!

    OK, I’m a bit late with this one… 2018 Ackermann New York calendar. I just love the way they’ve rendered my Brooklyn Bridge […]


Cool Cameron Highlands

Lonely Planet Malaysia and Singapore 2019 The cool Cameron Highlands, where (literally) every other car is a Land Rover Defender. I think they used this […]


Big Ben before the facelift

I can’t wait until the scaffolding comes off and we can all see this view again. Fodor’s Travel Guide to London 2019 Image: Alan Copson […]


Frosty Sunrise

Frosty morning in the shadow of Dorset’s Corf Castle. It doesn’t look it, but it was pretty windy out of the shelter of the castle, […]


Above the Lake District

The great attraction of aerial photography is achieving unique viewpoints. You’d think this is less of an advantage in the Lake District, as you can […]