Royal Celebrations

Nothing says “street party” like bunting! If you’re celebrating this weekend, have fun. Thanks to @CountryLifeMagazine for featuring my image. Image: Alan Copson © via […]


Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Top Nine 2022I bet it’s now a really uncool thing to post a Top Nine… but I’ve never really understood social media, […]


New Favourite Lone Tree 3/3

Straight down abstract. Last of the snow for a while, with rain hitting the window now. Sadly, I’ve not been able to enjoy as much […]


New Favourite Lone Tree 1/3

After my recent tree post, I’ve found another interesting Lone Tree, This one in a hedgerow to add an extra element to the image. Alan […]


A chilly winter morning 2/3

I’ve driven past this tree hundreds of times, but never spotted it. But there it was, just when I needed it, revealed by the thinning […]


A chilly winter morning 1/3

Easy to miss the details at your feet. I was racing the sun with this one, as the shadow these leaves were in moved across […]


Fun from Above I

Fun from above, spotting abstract patterns in this yellow field of oilseed. I’m always caught out by how early these crops flower… and how quickly […]


“Bamburgh: The UK’s best seaside town”

“Bamburgh: The UK’s best seaside town” according to a recent survey by Which? Travel Section. I’m sure the castle and beach below have a lot […]